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Happy Weekend everyone!

I have been fairly busy in my kitchen and have tweaked a few more recipes readt for my new vegetarian cookery book. I’m hoping to have that live by the end of this month!

Meanwhile, I have uploaded my cookery book to Smashwords and there is a free Sampler version of it!

You can find it at

At the end of this week I am heading to North Wales for ten days and I shall be looking forward to checking out the local Welsh produce at the different farmers markets!

Have a great week.



Spicy Bean Enchiladas

Spicy Bean Enchiladas

Hi everyone,
I had a good, but busy, weekend promoting my book and also cooking up some new recipes.
I made spicy bean enchiladas and they were delicious! Mind you, I did slightly overdo the chilli flavouring, but my taste buds have just about recovered and I have amended the recipe!
Later today, I shall be uploading Tried & Tested – 101 Recipes to Smashwords so it will now be available so it will be available for all e-reading devices, most word-processors and home printing.
I shall also be uploading a sampler version of it which will be free!
I’ll let you know when it all goes live!
Have a great week!

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