Parmesan Crusted New Potatoes

Parmesan Crusted New Potatoes

Over the weekend I was working out what I wanted to cook. I wanted something simple, but tasty and healthy.

So, I pan-fried a piece of cod which was delicious!

I also experimented with some new potatoes and a new way of cooking them. I melted some butter, added a pinch of smoked paprika and tossed some new potatoes in the melted butter. I then popped them into a roasting tin (double lined with foil, cos I hate washing up!) and then popped them into the oven for 50 minutes.

Half way through cooking, I turned them over, coating them in the butter, and sprinkled them with some fresh breadcrumbs and grated parmesan cheese. With about 10 minutes cooking left, I tossed them again and sprinkled more breadcrumbs and parmesan cheese over them.

They were wonderful and a change from simple, plain new potatoes! I’ll post the recipe over the next few days.

Have a great week!



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  1. I thought I’d seen every way to cook a potato, but this is something different! I love it and will most certainly be trying it out!

  2. Thanks! They were different, but really enjoyable. I do hope you like them!

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