A Few Of My Reviews!

I am so excited about some of the reviews that my book is receiving! I just had to share with you all! xx


“There was something ‘homespun’ about the look of this book that drew me.

Cookery books so often disappoint. That’s been my take for a while, with ones I’ve tried.

You follow what’s said, and end up frustrated. Maybe, even, angry.

But with this little belter of a book (and not so little with 101 recipes), it’s all worked a treat so far with what I’ve tried – and with what friends have tried from it, too.

All I wanted was straightforward guidance/instruction that works! That’s what I’ve had with this book.

I did wonder if a cookery book on Kindle was fundamentally a good idea. But with this book’s layout, anyway, it’s fine.

I love it that I can scan down the table of contents, click on any recipe, and go straight to it with my place then automatically kept. Or, of course, I can bookmark any recipe I wish.

I’m no chef (that’s why I need guidance!), but I do want good results when I try. Following what’s in this book has worked, and I’m now ‘keen in the kitchen’ again!

Also, much more confident.

My suspicion is that many ‘cookery books’ are compilations gleaned from wherever. With errors that creep in as recipes are copied on and on – and, clearly, are just not tested. Maybe they didn’t even work out in the first place!

But with this book it’s different. The recipes work!

I’m looking forward to cooking more that’s been ‘Tried and Tested’.

I’ll watch out for your next book, Carol Jones, if there is one.

Your book is just what I needed, and it lives up to its name.

Great value, too!

I’m thrilled!

Thanks so much.”


“British author and chef Carol Jones has written an e-book entitled “Tried and Tested – 101 Recipes” in which she asks, “Would you like recipes that are EASY and that WORK?” Being a novice cook very interested in improving my craft, I am interested in simple recipes that don’t require a significant investment of time and generate good results in a timely fashion. Because of my minimal abilities, I am a good candidate to measure the “tried and tested” focus of the book.

 Let me start with a few comments on the structure and layout of the book. The table of contents is a simple listing of the recipes to be found within the book. I would prefer to see page numbers included to allow for more efficient searching for specific selections. I would also like an additional layer of classification for each recipe, i.e., meat, vegetables, dessert, etc., but this is a minor quibble.

 I chose two seafood recipes to prepare for my review and analysis; Salmon Filets with Tarragon Sauce and Cod with Sauce Vierge. Preparation for both recipes was simple with just a few ingredients to deal with and minimal steps to completion. Essentially, with chopping vegetables and herbs, searing (or frying as the Brits say!) the fish and cooking time, I had two complete dinner ready entrees in about a 1/2 hours’ time.

I was thrilled with the results! The Tarragon sauce which complimented the Salmon is a cream based sauce which is flavored with spring onions and fresh tarragon. This sauce added a rich flavor to the salmon which I had not experienced before. The olive oil based vierge sauce works very well with the mild flavored cod because of the tomatoes infused with fresh basil and coriander. Two very different sauces (and very simple!) which both add a wonderful flavor layer to the fish. Having never utilized fresh herbs before in my cooking, I was delighted to discover their unique flavors and qualities and look forward to using them more and more in the future.

I would recommend “Tried and Tested 101 Recipes” for its simple, easy to follow recipes and excellent results. I look forward to trying other recipes in the e-book and discovering new ingredients and delicious foods.”


 “I LOVE to cook, so cookbooks always excite me. This cookbook was the same. There were many titles i have never heard of and some i have and cant wait to try this authors version of them… There is nothing difficult about the format, it is displayed easy to read and to follow…There will be a bit of conversion though, that i’ll have to figure; ml, and grams, but other than that, simple! I think my first will be the lemon cake! sounds delicious….”


 “This recipe book is a must for all new cooks. The way it is set out makes it nice and easy to follow. There is a variety of meals both for meat eaters and non-meat eaters well done.

I have had a good look through all of the recipes and can assure others that I will be trying out many of them.

As an experienced cook myself, although I have many favourite recipes I am always on the lookout for something a wee bit different, this I have definitely found in this book.

My reason for giving it four stars rather than five stars is due to there being no photos. This is a preference of mine, I like to see some photos of what I am going to be cooking.

One item I was particularly impressed with was The Glossary Of Terms, this is an area that the more experienced of us tend to forget when informing the new cooks about a recipe. Well done Carol.”


 “I am not a person that likes to cook. I normally tell my wife what I wanted to eat for all the 3 meals of the day. When I gotten this recipe book, I was amazed how easy and simple the recipes are laid down. I like some of the recipes and even asked my wife to try it out.

The author take great effort to lay down various cooking measurements and common cooking methods that are so easy for any layman to cook with ease.

Without giving too much away, I particular like some of the recipes that used chicken drumsticks as a basis of cooking. If you are a person that wants to try out cooking, you can take a look at this book. Please do not take our word for it, you have to find out for yourself. A really simple and easy to follow recipe book.”



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